Care for your new hand tool:

You’ve made an excellent choice for your new hand tool, Congratulations! Before you get started with your work at hand, we have some basic information, hints and warnings to help make sure that your 100% natural Cave Girl product can last another few million years.


As with any 100% natural product, there are variations in color as well as micro-cracks or imperfections in the stone. Don’t worry! They’re there to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your hand tool, they should not cause any issues with play. Just make sure to clean the toys and treat them with the common courtesy they deserve!


Basic Information:

All of our toys are made from natural stone that is hand carved and shaped into the product that you are now the proud owner of. Each toy is unique. Stone is a stubborn material to use and sometimes it demands to be shaped a little bigger, a little smaller, or a little differently than the rest. We always try to honor our material while still delivering the shape we’ve envisioned. In addition, no two stones ever turn out exactly alike so you are guaranteed never to arrive at a party with the same toy as anyone else!


As the stones used in production are 100% natural, the chance of an allergic reaction are minimal. That being said, you may find that the energy of one stone is more conducive to your enjoyment than another, why not try them all?


Our hand tools are easy to clean- as a durable and non-porous material all you need is a little warm soapy water and your hand-tool will be as good as new! If you’re going to be working on/with multiple people, it is important to sterilize it between by putting them in a pan of cold water and then heat till boiling. Boil for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let it sit till the water has cooled off.



Our hand tools are designed to be used anywhere, on any part of the body- experimentation is what makes your use of a hand tool go from novice level to master! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different parts of the body or the amount of pressure used. Cave Girl’s hand tools are the perfect way to explore your partner’s body (as well as your own!) through massage. Be aware that stone can be an intense experience and take the time to listen to your own, or your partner’s cues! No two bodies are the same and reactions can vary wildly.


Do you like it hot? Or maybe you’re longing to recreate an Ice Age! Stone is an ideal medium for temperature play- put your hand tool in a bowl of warm water or ice cubes and after a few minutes you’ve just added an entirely new element to your play! Discover if you or your partner like it icy or hot!

Lubricant makes everything better.  Cave Girl’s smooth to touch tools can slide into most caves without much assistance, but silicone, water, and oil based lubrication, as well as massage oils are all compatible…frankly- it’s a Rock Star with what makes you and your enjoyment increase!



We will assume that most of these fall under the “duh” category, but just in case…. The stones for our tools are carefully selected for their visual appeal as well as their structural integrity which means they are incredibly durable. That being said, there is always a chance that if the toy strikes a hard surface just right, it could break. If this happens, please bury (or dispose of) your hand tool as the edges can be sharp. If you are a stonemason or have stone working experience- feel free to reshape and polish your tool into something new! But for most of us, disposal is the safest option.


Cave Girl hand tools are 100% stone. Stone is hard. If you hit someone with it, it will hurt. Use caution please.


If you engage in temperature play- use caution! If you heat or cool your hand tool- test the temperature on the inside of your wrist before you touch it to another body part. Our hands are pretty tough (they do all the work!) and sometimes our hands think something is a good temperature when really it could burn or freeze another spot.


Furthermore, don’t ever put your toy in the microwave, oven or freezer.  Why? The microwave is too inconsistent; it causes some super-heated spots as well as some cool ones which is dangerous for play. The oven is made for baking- it just gets your tool too hot and burns are never fun. As to the freezer, frozen stone isn’t the same as an ice cube, it can do some real damage to skin if it is kept in contact too long. Also, no stone is flawless and it may have imperfections or micro-fractures that react to extreme temperature shifts so, if cooled or heated too fast, they could destroy your hand-tool.  Just keep your tools out of the microwave, oven or freezer and you’ll be fine!


And unless you want to have a long and embarrassing visit to the Emergency Room, and provide (yet another) “you won’t believe what I saw tonight” story for the staff…. Never use any toy without a flared base or decent length for anal play. You just don’t want to lose something up there… enough said.




At Cave Girl- we can’t foresee everything that you will try with your new hand tools- we’re supportive of everything that is fun and enjoyable, but we are not responsible for any injury or damage caused by our hand tools. PLEASE use your common sense. Always play safely, sanely and consensually and your toys will last (more than) a lifetime!